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From lemons to lemonade! An unexpected career change provides benefits

dental assistant graduate, Shanthi Parevadhini holds award

Brooklyn Park, June 6, 2023 – It may surprise you that some Hennepin Tech students enroll at the college even though they already have a four-year degree. Many of these students return to college because they want to enter a new career in mid-life.

Shanthi Parevadhini didn’t want a new career. She enjoyed working as a dentist. But six years ago, she left her homeland of India and after arriving in the U.S., she learned that she would not be allowed to practice dentistry here. She decided to enroll in the Dental Assistant program at Hennepin Tech.

We asked her how Hennepin Tech helped her find a new way to leverage her professional skillset.

Hennepin Tech: It must have been devastating to learn that you could not work as a dentist in the U.S.

Parevadhini: Yes. I cried. I went into a depressed state. It was extremely difficult and frustrating. I decided to do a job search and then I realized that I need some education and credentials in this country.

Hennepin Tech: What is your career strategy?

Parevadhini: Because I’m a dentist, I would like to work with insurance companies or dental companies. First, I need clinical experience in the U.S. I wanted to get to the workplace as quick as possible. So that’s why I opted for the Dental Assistant program at Hennepin Tech. It takes just one year. If I can’t find a new career, I will always be able to come back and have a stable job as a Dental Assistant.

Hennepin Tech: What did you like about Hennepin Tech?

Parevadhini: I appreciate the value. I know another dentist she who had the same strategy. She also completed a Dental Assistant program. She paid $30,000 for her education. And I paid $6,000. It's a huge difference economically.

Hennepin Tech: So you now consider this an exciting career change for you – correct? 

Parevadhini: That's how I am looking at it. I have a child in high school. I hope I am an example of a life lesson that we must all find positive ways to overcome obstacles.

Hennepin Tech: What emotions are you feeling on graduation day?

Parevadhini: I am proud of myself. I learned a lot about people management. I learned how to be mindful and not pay attention to what is not important. So the experience has given me better confidence.

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