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Student Spotlight: Evan Subby

Hennepin Tech student Evan Subby

Brooklyn Park, May 17, 2024

He may only be starting in his career, but seventeen-year-old Evan Subby knows his worth. “I got my college degree before I got my high school degree! I don't have to deal with the bare minimum pay. I have an education. I can apply for higher paying areas when I start off.”

Evan began his education at Hennepin Tech in the fall of 2022 as a high school sophomore. He recalls being asked if he was interested in taking college classes in high school as a part of the Post-Secondary Education Option (PSEO), a program designed to allow students in grades 10-12 an opportunity to earn college credits tuition free. “They asked me if I wanted to do any college classes and I was like, sure, I'll look at what they have to offer.”

“I had a pretty fun time last year. We did a lot of learning… a lot of learning.” As a new student, Evan started at the beginning, learning various techniques including fiberglass work and auto body painting. “I didn’t even know how to turn a screwdriver. I was taught everything.”

As a teenage college graduate, Evan is not alone. The Minnesota Department of Education noted in their 2023 annual Rigorous Course-Taking report to the Minnesota Legislature that, “Public school students accounted for 72% of those enrolled in PSEO, home school students were 16% of enrollees, and nonpublic school students made up 12% of the PSEO population.” The report mentioned that nearly 11,000 Minnesota high school students attended college classes via PSEO in 2021, and continued to disaggregate students by gender, noting that male students accounted for only 32% of the total number of students enrolled in PSEO.

Evan spoke briefly about his passion for bodywork,” I love working with the plastic filters and sanding them down. It just looks so nice and smooth. It’s a nice feeling when you understand that you made it look that perfect and now it's good for the customer and they can drive it and enjoy it.”

When asked what he would tell a high school student about PSEO, he proudly proclaimed, “It’s worth it! I didn't have to pay for it. Everyone here is nice. It was a positive experience.” Evan shared his feelings about being career ready, “I'm excited. I’m pretty proud. But, I still have to stick out high school.”

Evan graduated with his associate’s degree in Auto Body Technology on May 10, 2024. His career plan is to remain at Hennepin Tech as a PSEO student for his senior year in high school. He plans to study either Automotive Technology or Ford ASSET.

Families and students who wish to learn more about becoming a PSEO student at Hennepin Tech can visit the PSEO webpage for more details.

About Hennepin Technical College

Founded in 1972, Hennepin Technical College is the largest stand-alone technical college in Minnesota. With campuses in Brooklyn Park and Eden Prairie, the college offers degree and non-degree courses in over 40 programs in the skilled trades and high-demand career fields. Achieving a high job placement rate, Hennepin Tech prepares students for high-paying employment opportunities.


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