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Student Success Day

Below you will find the recorded sessions from Student Success Day that took place on February 10, 2022.

Keynote Speaker

How to stop the self-sabotage & unlock your full potential – starting today!

Everyone thinks success comes from being smart, going to the right school, getting the right job, making the right friends and working really, really hard. While all those things are helpful (they will open some doors for you), none of them matter if you can’t find the courage to face your fears and take the next small step yourself. Success is an inside game. Only 20% of people reach their full potential, and those who do were rarely born with all those advantages listed above. All of them had one thing in common: a desire to face and overcome their inner critic. You can do the same! The only thing standing between you and the career and life you’ve been dreaming about is you. Your mind is both your best friend, and your worst enemy. In this inspiring talk, Cat Breet will teach you how you how to stop worrying about all the things you do not have, and start celebrating and using the things you do.

Presenter: Cat Breet


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Cat Breet

Basic Needs

The Resource Room provides clothes, nonperishable food, and much more to Hennepin Technical Students for free. We will talk about Child Care Grants currently available to Pell Eligible student parents. Also, a resource to help students apply for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Join Us!

Presenters: Brittani Senser and Quinn Schollett

Basic Needs Recording

Basic Tech Information

Resources available to students in the computer lab: free printing, copying, scanning documents, IT support, laptop checkout, support for student learning, etc.

Presenter: Gamada Indissa

Basic Tech Recording

Beating Test Anxiety

Have you ever felt like you couldn't breathe during a test? Does your heart race when you study before a quiz? This test anxiety workshop is designed to give practical steps to overcome short term test anxiety. You will learn some easy and basic steps to increase your performance and decrease the feelings of anxiety. Join us to test better today!

Presenter: Chris Hill

Beating Test Anxiety Recording

Career Resources and Handshake

Here in Student Life, our mission is to help prepare students for the next step(s) in their career. We want students to use HTC’s career resources which include working on building resumes, cover letters, and interview skills. We are continuing our service to students’ careers through Handshake. This is an online platform used to help assist college level students connect with various valid employers to further student success. This will allow students who are seeking to gain valuable work experience through internships, part-time, and full-time occupations. Students are able to search for potential career advancing positions while following, connecting, and applying for jobs. We are ready to help assist you transition from college and pursue your dream career.

Presenter: Kyle Huggar

Career Resources and Handshake Recording

D2L Bootcamp

Are you struggling with D2L or Just have some questions about D2L? We will navigate through D2L to help you can stay on track and stay on top of your academic performance as well as discover support services that will ensure your success.

Presenter: Maggie Vyskocil

D2L Bootcamp Recording

Microsoft Excel

Common uses in business situations using Excel. Session will focus on formulas, functions and charts.

Presenter: Pamela Mueller

Recording coming soon!

Microsoft Outlook for Business

Creating professional “well-dressed” emails, and skillfully using outlook calendars - a quick overview. If time permits, we will examine the task feature – to stay on track.

Presenter: Pamela Mueller

Recording coming soon!

Microsoft Word

Common uses in business situations using Word for more than just writing papers. Writing letters, memos or reports incorporating charts and other SmartArt graphics. Word templates assist getting you started.

Presenter: Pamela Mueller

Recording coming soon!

Thrive! 5 Keys to a Happier, More Vibrant Life

Have you ever met someone who is really happy with their life … and wanted to know how they got so lucky? It turns out that luck has very little to do with it. A groundbreaking global study by Gallup revealed 5 key things all those happy people have in common. The best news of all? They are all within your reach! You CAN get the life you crave … without killing yourself at work, buying lottery tickets or eating rice cakes all day long. Join us! You will learn:

  • The 5 keys to a better, happier life
  • The most essential element of them all
  • How to easily boost your wellbeing in all 5 areas – starting today!

Presenter: Cat Breet

Thrive Recording

PDF of PowerPoint Presentation

Presentation Materials