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Star Alert

Hennepin Technical College has established an Emergency Notification system as part of our All Hazards planning. This College system is called Star Alert™ and transmits emergency notification messages to the subscriber’s cell phone and/or email system. This system uses real-time communications, and has optional enrollment.

Subscribe to Star Alert

How it works

Star Alert Emergency Notification system sends messages to you through cell phone text messaging and/or email during emergencies that threaten life, safety, or severely impact normal campus operations. These messages may be weather related warnings involving severe thunderstorms, winter storms, tornadoes, or other situations that cause the campus to be closed. There is also a test message that is periodically sent out.

Stay Safe, Stay Informed

Everyone who regularly comes to Hennepin Technical College is urged to register for this valuable service. In addition to sharing emergency information prior to you arriving on the campus, it also supports wireless notification in a timely manner in the event that the campus computer and telephone systems are compromised for any reason.

Notification is brief in size, specifies it is a Star Alert message, specifies to which campus it impacts, what action to take, and where to find additional information.

This system is being implemented across the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system so you can enroll at each institution that you are affiliated with to receive Star Alert messages from each of them.

Important Note

  • To use this valuable service you must have a phone that is capable of receiving text messaging or e-mail messages.
  • You will receive a confirming message when your registration is complete.
  • If you ever want to cancel this service, simply follow the same process and remove your information.