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Military veteran & HTC student shares his advice


November 9, 2021 – Mike Alziebler served in the U.S. Army from 2005-2014. He’s currently a student at Hennepin Technical College. In honor of Veteran’s Day, he shares his advice to his fellow vets.

My Background
I loved every minute of my military career. I was regular Army from 2005 until 2014. Most of my time was at Fort Bragg, North Carolina with two deployments; Iraq in 2009 for 13 months and Afghanistan in 2012 for 11 months.

Adversity leads to new path
I had to retire for medical reasons when I was in the prime of my military career. I had no one. No guidance. Just what I learned while I was in the military. The choices alone almost put me in the ground. But I talked to vets.

I believe that veterans are trained to thrive in adversities. Going to school to better ourselves is potentially the hardest thing to do and in our own way a big adversity. We aren’t used to thinking about ourselves and how we can do better for US. We have spent so much time thinking about everyone else and never asking for anything in return. The GI Bill® provides funding to service members and veterans for their education. It is a gift you already paid for. Use it to your advantage. The skills we learned while serving is the ultimate gift. Put them together and the world is ours for the taking.

Looking forward
I’m currently a student in the Industrial Building Engineering and Maintenance (IBEM) program with only a couple of credits shy from completing the two-year Machine Tool Technology program additionally. I was a mechanic while I was in the Army. It only makes sense to me to be a mechanic when I got out.

I’m never going to clear a million dollars for my trade. That’s ok! I’m not here to make a million dollars. I am here to make a difference in my life and to enhance the gifts that the military has given me. No sugar coating, it’s my time to shine and shine I will.

I recommend to any veteran to take your life by the horns and strive for the greatness you know that you are capable of. You already have the skills. Now harness them and use them. The program doesn’t matter. What does matter is your will to do it and finish.

I am always open for communication and will never shy from a vet that needs some guidance. That’s what we are still on this earth for.

--Mike Alziebler
Sgt., U.S. Army (Ret)
Hennepin Tech student

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