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How a scholarship helped a Fluid Power student jump-start his career

Nolan Pust, Fluid Power Student

April 13, 2022 – The Hennepin Technical College Foundation makes applying for a scholarship fast and easy. Scholarships reduce financial stress on students and allow them to focus on their studies. A student in the Fluid Power program, Nolan Pust, described what a scholarship means to him.

Nolan Pust: Fluid Power student

HTC: Like so many HTC students, you work in your field of study. How did you find a job in your field while you are still learning?

Nolan: The faculty in Fluid Power are terrific and helped me get a job at JEM Technical. It is really valuable to work in Fluid Power while I also take classes in Fluid Power. About half the people who work with me at my job are HTC alumni so it’s a great place to work.

HTC: Congratulation on earning a scholarship. Why has it been life-changing for you?

Nolan: Without the scholarship, I wouldn’t have been able to accept my new job. The company is in Orono (This an area where there’s no public transportation). I had been saving money for tuition and I couldn’t spend my savings on a car. Now with the scholarship, I have funds to help with tuition. I used my savings to buy a car so I can get back-and-forth to work.

HTC: Would you like to give a shout-out to the people who donate to scholarships?

Nolan: Absolutely! The scholarship has taken a tremendous weight off of my shoulders. I greatly appreciate it. It has allowed me to continue my education and work in my field of study at the same time.

HTC: What do you enjoy most about attending HTC?

Nolan: Classes are fun and hands-on. The faculty really know how to explain things so that anyone can follow along and be successful. If you’re paying attention in class and doing assignments, you’ll do well. I know that the second year of Fluid Power will be more intense and I’m ready for it.

I will probably end up getting a double associates of applied science in Fluid Power and Manufacturing Engineering Technology (METs). After that, I might continue and earn a four-year degree or I might get another two-year degree and I would study robotics.

HTC: Any advice for other students?

Nolan: Just take one class and I recommend Fluid Power Tech I. Just check it out and see if it’s for you. Not many people know about Fluid Power but it’s part of every industry including manufacturing, agriculture, transportation and just about everything else that involves things that move. Fluid Power graduates have amazing career opportunities. It’s an exciting field.

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