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Four family members studied robotics at Hennepin Tech

Student in robotics class

Social media influencer? Advertisements? Friends? Who influences what you buy or major decisions in life? For student Hans Sarkinen, his family members had a major influence on which college he selected. He is the fourth member of his family to enroll at Hennepin Tech. We asked him about his family and his decision to study Automation Robotics Engineering Technology.

Hennepin Tech: You have had several family members who are Hennepin Tech alumni. Tell us about them.

Hans: One of my brothers and two cousins are all alumni. They were in robotics and that’s what I’m studying too. It was one of the reasons I am here for sure. My brother encouraged me to go to college to learn about robotics. Also, I like my job. My employer manufactures machinery that makes packaging for products. Now, when I learn something in class, I am able to use that skill at work. It’s good that there’s a connection.

Hennepin Tech: What do you like most about Hennepin Tech?

Hans: It has affordable tuition and I also received a scholarship. There are in-person classes and it’s convenient. I am a full-time student and work part-time.

Hennepin Tech: You attend both online and in-person classes. Which do you prefer?

Hans: I like the robotics classes the most because they are in-person. The instructors do a great job being available to answer questions and they’re clear about the work that needs to get done. During my last two years at Rockford High School, nearly everything was online and that was a lot of online classes.

Hennepin Tech: You are the fourth person in your family to enter robotics. What advice to others who are considering this career?

 Hans: Don’t be intimidated by the name of the program. I wasn’t in a robotics club in high school. I have some mechanical experience. I like fixing and riding dirt bikes and I did car repairs when I was growing up but I didn't know robotics. You can learn robotics technology. The faculty provide information at the right pace for learning so you won’t be overwhelmed.

About Hennepin Technical College
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