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About the Library

To empower students to become critical and knowledgeable information consumers through access to current technology, up-to-date materials, and information literacy instruction in a friendly, welcoming space. To excel as a vital resource to the Hennepin Tech college community as a whole through partnerships with faculty and student services.

What's in the Library?

The Hennepin Tech library is located in the front of each campus building across from OneStop. Each campus library has:

  • A computer lab with special software needed for classes.
  • Tables for individual and group study
  • 2 small group study rooms
  • Printer/copier
  • Helpful library staff

Online Resources

Hennepin Tech's Online Library contains:

You will be prompted to login with your Star ID and password to access library resources.

Physical Resources

The Libraries physical collection includes:

  • Print Books
  • DVDs
  • Textbooks
  • Audiobooks
  • Laptops
  • Calculators
  • Headphones

How do I Checkout Library Materials?

Bring your Picture ID card with you to checkout any library materials (we need to scan the 14-digit library barcode number on the back of your ID card)

Please note: Textbooks and laptops are considered Amenity Items and are reserved for student use only. The first time you checkout an amenity item, please bring the following and plan a little extra time.

  1. Present a valid, picture ID card (i.e. driver's license, state ID, or passport)
    • Required at each check-out.
  2. Sign an Amenity Contract
    • Only signed the first time an amenity item is checked out. A copy is kept on file.

For more information on textbook and laptop checkouts, please see the Amenity Checkout Policy in the Policies section.


Checking Out Materials

Students, faculty, and staff are eligible for checking out library materials. Student/Employee ID cards must be presented to check out items as we need to scan the 14-digit library barcode number on the back of your ID card.

  • Print Books: Semester checkout
  • DVDs: 3-week checkout
  • Audio Books: Semester checkout
  • Textbooks: 4-hour checkout
  • Laptops: Semester checkout
  • Calculators: Semester checkout
  • Headphones: 4-hour checkout

Textbook & Laptop Checkout

To checkout Textbooks or Laptops, students must sign a contract stating they have read and understand our Amenity Lending Policy. A contract only needs to be signed once. A copy will be kept on file in the library.

In addition to the signed contract, students must present either their Student ID card or a valid, government-issued, photo ID (i.e. Driver's license, passport, etc.) for their first Amenity Item checkout. For subsequent checkouts, only a Student ID card is needed.

For more details on our Amenity Lending Service, please see the following documents:

Library Fines

General Collection Items

Late fees are not charged for print books, audiobooks, and DVDs (not on reserve). However, if an item is not returned within 5 days after the due date, the patron will be billed the full replacement cost of the item. If the billed item is returned, the replacement cost is waived.


If a laptop is not returned within 5 days after the due date, the laptop is considered lost or stolen and the student will be billed the full replacement cost. If the laptop is returned within 30 days, the replacement cost is waived, but the patron may be responsible for paying all accrued late fees.


If a textbook is not returned within 24 hours of the due date, the student will be billed the full cost of the replacement. Late return of a textbook may result in the loss of textbook borrowing privileges.

Please Note: In addition to late fees - whenever a student owes money to the library, an academic hold may be placed on their student record. The hold remains in place until all fines/fees are paid in full.

Paying Fines

  • At the Brooklyn Park campus, library fines may be paid at the Tuition Window in the Student Registration area.
  • At the Eden Prairie campus, library fines may be paid at the Bookstore.

Food & Beverage

Open food and beverage containers are not permitted in the library. Closed beverage containers (e.g. capped water bottles, cups with lids, or etc.) and packaged food items (e.g. candy bars, snacks, or etc.) are allowed, but please be mindful of messes.

Noise & Behavior

  • Please keep noise levels low. Quiet talking is allowed, but you will be asked to leave if you are being loud or disruptive.
  • Please be respectful of everyone using the library, including other students and library staff.

Study Rooms

Small Group Study Rooms (2 small rooms)

  • Small group study rooms are available for student use.  Priority will be given to groups of 2 or more, but we will check the rooms out to single students if there are no group requests.
  • Students can checkout group study rooms for 2 hours and may renew for 1 additional hour if no other parties are waiting.
  • Study rooms may be reserved in advance. Please notify library staff if you would like to reserve a room.
  • Personal items such as coats and bags, should not be left in the room unattended. If there are no occupants in the room, we will assume the group is finished with their session. Any personal items left in the room will be taken to the lost and found at the Security Desk.
  • Dry Erase Markers and Erasers are available for checkout at the library circulation desk.


All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied and directly supervised by an adult when in the Hennepin Tech libraries unless they are enrolled in an Hennepin Tech program. If a child is left unattended in the library, staff will make attempts to locate the parent or guardian. If they are unable to do so, they will contact Campus Security.

Contact Information

Brooklyn Park Phone: 763-488-2929
Eden Prairie Phone: 952-995-1534



Brooklyn Park
Monday to Friday
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Eden Prairie
Monday to Thursday
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
8:00am to 4:00pm