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Hennepin Technical College offers online courses, awards, and degrees designed to make learning and career advancement attainable for you. Online courses provide amazing flexibility in allowing you to continue your education without traveling to campus several times per week.

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Search courses from Business, Accounting, Architectural Technology, Child Development, IT & Cyber Security, EMS, and more.

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Hennepin Tech students don’t quit. They work together and face down challenges. Hennepin Tech is providing students with more ways to learn, ensuring you can continue to meet your educational goals during these challenging times. Hennepin Tech offers a variety of online course formats, so you can learn what you want, where you want.




These classes meet at scheduled times and locations, but there may be extra requirements to make sure everyone is safe.




Blended courses combine elements of face-to-face and online learning. You will still attend required meetings, but some learning activities, content, assignments, etc. will be submitted through D2L, email, or other technologies.





Mostly online courses are delivered as more than 75% online, with minimal on-campus times or proctored exams.



Using video software such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, these classes have required scheduled times. They provide structure and allow students to see their instructor and fellow students. Software is course-specific, and information will be provided by the instructor during the first week of the course.



Also called “Online, Your Time,” there are no formally scheduled class sessions. Students follow a schedule of deadlines for assignments, tests and other coursework.

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  • Online Courses - In an online course, instruction occurs over the Internet. The content of the course is delivered through the Hennepin Tech Learning Environment, D2L Brightspace. Think of D2L Brightspace (D2L) as your virtual classroom.
    • Blended Courses - A blended course combines both traditional classroom interactions and online learning experiences.  You will still attend meet face-to-face with your instructor, but some learning activities, content, assignments etc. are delivered through D2L.
    • Online Synchronous Courses – Also called “Online Same Time,” students and instructor meet at scheduled time using video software such as Zoom.
    • Online Asynchronous Courses – Also called “Online Your Time,” there are no scheduled class sessions. Students follow a schedule of deadlines for assignments, tests and other coursework.
    • Hy-Flex – These courses combine flexible face-to-face and online learning, at the same time.
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