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Important Dates for Students

Get a quick look at important dates for students; from college closures, to registration, financial aid, and tuition deadlines. 

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College Closed Dates

August 20-21 Workshop Day
September 7 Labor Day Holiday
October 15-16 Minnesota Education Days
November 23 Workshop Day
November 26-29 Thanksgiving Holiday
December 21-January 10 Winter Break
January 18 MLK Day
February 10 Faculty Duty Day 
February 15 President's Day
March 9 Workshop Day
March 15-20 Spring Break
April 1 Workshop Day

Registration Dates

August 24 Fall Semester Begins
September 7 Holiday - No Classes (Campus Closed)
October 14-16 Minnesota Education Days - No Classes
November 23 Workshop Day - No Classes
November 24-25 Holiday - No Classes (Campus Closed)
December 18 Fall Semester Ends
December 24-25 Holiday - No Classes (Campus Closed)
December 21-January 8 Winter Break - No Classes
January 11 Spring Semester Begins
January 18 Holiday - No Classes (Campus Closed)
February 10 Faculty Day - No Classes
February 15 Holiday - No Classes (Campus Closed)
March 9 Workshop Day - No Classes
March 15-19 Spring Break - No Classes
April 1 Workshop Day - No Classes
May 14 Faculty Day - No Classes
May 19 Spring Semester Ends

Financial Aid Dates

August 3 Tuition Due
August 28 Pell Census Date - students who register after this date and have Pell Grant must turn in a Pell Census appeal for approval
September 8 Financial Aid applies to student accounts
September 11 Financial Aid overages disbursed to students (Direct Deposits and checks mailed)
September 23 First loan applies to student accounts for new borrowers
October 2 New borrowers first loan disbursed to students (Direct Deposits and checks mailed)
October 21 Second loan applied to student accounts for fall loans only
October 30 Second loan disbursed to students for fall only loans (Direct Deposit and checks mailed)
December 1 Last day to apply for a fall only loan

Tuition Dates

August 6 Tuition Due
August 24 Fall semester begins
August 26 Last day for 5-day add/drop period (100% refund with total withdrawal)
October 5 Last day to sign up for Nelnet payment plan
December 21 Spring Semester tuition payment due