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Can military life help you succeed at HTC? One vet says – yes!

HTC student Tyler Herbuck

Brooklyn Park, November 10, 2021 – During his six years in the U.S. Marine Corps, including deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, Corporal Tyler Herbuck saw a lot of action and had a range of responsibilities. He helped save lives in mass causality incidents, evaluated Marine recruits at the shooting range and provided security for a three-star General. In the Middle East, his primary role was a machine gunner and was a section head for his unit.

Combat environments and even routine work required vigilance and situational awareness.

“I was continually going and going and had to use critical thinking all the time. I’m trying to keep everyone around me alive and trying to keep myself alive,” said Herbuck. “That way we make sure everyone has a good day.”

Herbuck believes it is somewhat of a myth that vets are addicted to the adrenaline they experience in combat. He says a more accurate way to describe it; vets are driven to be challenged. They thrive on using critical thinking, teamwork, and problem solving.

It is a background that helps him in his engineering classes at Hennepin Technical College (HTC). Now that Herbuck has entered civilian life, he has chosen to pursue a new career in Fluid Power, an engineering technology field.

“It’s a different learning experience than I expected. Studying Fluid Power is like the military because it is so hands-on,” said Herbuck. “Most guys I know want their learning or work environment to be hands-on and don’t want to be sitting behind a desk.”

Herbuck sees another similarity with military and in his HTC classes because “adapting and overcoming” is at the forefront with tasks that require different approaches to achieve successful outcomes. Herbuck says he knows Fluid Power is the right program for him because he is being challenged.

The transition from Marine to college student has been a journey. Herbuck spent considerable time researching the best use of the G.I. Bill, a benefit that provides funding for tuition, books, fees, and other expenses such as housing expenses. He recommends that other veterans use the “Post-911” option of the G.I. Bill because of the advantages it offers.

Some veterans don’t take advantage of the benefits they have earned because the required paperwork is often confusing and time-consuming. Herbuck says it is well worth the effort. In addition, he compliments HTC staff with making it easy to enroll in college.

“HTC was incredibly welcoming. The minute I needed information about how the money works, I would immediately receive an answer. The advisors and counselors always responded in a timely way about what classes I need,” said Herbuck.

The most important advice he offers to other veterans – take action if you have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD). Because Herbuck witnessed numerous casualties and directly worked to save lives in the field, he needs to process his experiences and says he has benefitted from counseling. He’s impressed with the unique approach offered to veterans in Minneapolis.

“To other veterans, I will say that it will make the transition to civilian life 20-time harder if you don’t get the help you need. Don’t be the tough guy, you have already been the tough guy,” said Herbuck.

After years of frequent moves in his military life, Herbuck looks forward to planting roots in Minnesota and enjoys the abundance of outdoor recreation options the state has to offer. He’s researching which direction to take his new career in Fluid Power and is grateful many Twin Cities employers prioritize hiring veterans.

“I’m looking at all the options I have with this field and I see incredible potential for my future.”

What is Fluid Power?  Fluid Power Engineering and Motion Control involves the study of hydraulics and pneumatics. Graduates most often work as engineering technologists and find employment in a wide range of industries. There is unprecedented demand for this skill set currently and most Fluid Power careers offer opportunities for advancement and highly competitive salaries.


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