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Advising & Schedule Planning

What is Advising Month?

It is a time to...

  • Plan Your Next Semester
  • Connect with your Faculty Advisor and/or Student Success Advisor
  • Add courses to your Wish List
  • Register for courses in your Wish List under Review My Plan
  • Plan for GRADUATION
  • Meet, Greet, and Seek Information

Advising Months

  • October 1 - 31: Spring Course Registration Advising
  • March 28 - April 29 : Summer/Fall Course Registration Advising

Can’t make it to the events? Call 952-995-1300 to set up an appointment to meet with an advisor at either campus.

See your Faculty Advisor if you are currently enrolled in at least one technical (program) course.

See your Student Success Advisor if you are currently:

  • Not enrolled in any technical program courses
  • Enrolled in general education courses only
  • Enrolled in Pre-LPN, Pre-Dental, Pre-Medical Assistant coursework
  • Enrolled in any prerequisites for your technical programs

Advising Session Schedule

Check with your program Faculty Advisor for your advising session date and time.

Current students are encouraged to meet with their faculty advisor for academic advising during Advising Month to prepare for the upcoming semester and plan their next semester's schedule.  Maintaining regular contact with your program Faculty Advisor is important to your success!

Faculty Advisors provide assistance in:

  • Planning a program of study consistent with the student's educational and employment objectives
  • Selecting courses
  • Clarifying college policies and procedures
  • Interpreting graduation requirements
  • Overcoming barriers to educational success

Students are encouraged to meet with their program Faculty Advisor several times each semester.

All students with a declared major are strongly encouraged to meet with their faculty advisor during Advising Month. Students who have not declared a major may receive advising services from Student Success Advisors.