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Presentations to Go

Student Life and Career Development staff are happy to come to your class or organization to present on a variety of topics or provide a short overview of the services and resources we provide. Faculty or student organization leaders can choose from a variety of topics and we can tailor the topic to meet your students' specific needs. 

Schedule a Presentation by contacting 

Where are the presentations held?   In your regular classroom or meeting place.

Who is delivering the presentation?  Student Life and Career Development staff trained in each topic. 

When?  Presentations are scheduled during regular class or meeting hours at a time convenient for faculty or organizations.  Please provide at least two weeks notice to schedule your presentation. 

How? Schedule a presentation by contacting 



  • Career Development Overview (10 minutes): Make sure your students know all the services Career Development offers, from getting help with a resume, practicing for an interview or learning job search strategies. In this presentation we will give a brief overview of how Career Development can support both students and alumni. 
  • Resume Workshop (50 minutes): This presentation will guide students throught the process of creating a resume, while offereing tips to make it stand out to employers.
  • Preparing for an Interview (50 minutes): Help students go into an interview with confidence! This presentation will teach interview skills and allow time for students to practice. 
  • Cover Letter, Reference Page and Portfolios (50 minutes): Wait, there's more? This presentation will explain best practices around all those supporting documents that help land a job. 
  • LinkedIn Overview (10 minutes): Learn what LInkedIn is and how it can help you in your job search now and in the future. 
  • LinkedIn Workshop (50 minutes): In this workshop students will create a LinkedIn page and learn how to use this as a powerful networking tool.


  • Introduction to Strengths (50 minutes): This presentation will provide an overview of StrengthsQuest, the widely used instrument based on positive psychology that helps students identify and use their strengths. Students will be provided a code and have time to take the assessment to identify their top five strengths. *SLCD can provide codes for students to complete the assessment outside of class and move straight to the "Using your Strengths" presentation. 
  • Using your Strengths (50 minutes): Students will learn how to apply their strengths, understand how their strengths impact their leadership style and identify how strengths can enhance a team.  *Students must have completed their strengths assessment prior to this  presentation.
  • Strengths 1-1 (30 minutes): Students can make an appointment to receive individual coaching on their strengths.

Health and Well-being

  • Mindfulness (50 minutes): Are students dealing with high stress and anxiety? This presentation is an introduction to basic mindfulness and contemplative practices to help manage stress. The focus is on student life and how mindfulness can support resiliency,  time management and memory retention. 
  • MNSure: Health Insurance 101.
  • Test Anxiety Workshop (50 Minutes): This presentation will help improve test scores by providing tips and techniques to alleviate the symptoms of test anxiety. Presented by LRC Tutor Chris Hill. Available only at BPC campus