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High Schools Teaching Concurrent Enrollment


All Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (formerly MnSCU) must be accredited by NACEP (National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships) by FY21. All of Hennepin Tech's forms and regulations aim to adhere to the Standards required for Accreditation. Hennepin Tech is currently undergoing preparation for NACEP Accreditation to meet the deadline mandated by Minnesota State.

Concurrent Enrollment Pricing for High Schools

Hennepin Technical College adheres to the Minnesota State standard pricing for concurrent enrollment programs at its institutions.

Fees cover costs of program administration and the faculty liaison time for overseeing courses taught in their area of expertise.

Hennepin Tech costs for the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters are $2,750 per course per semester. By Fiscal Year (FY) 22, Minnesota State requires two-year colleges to charge $3,000 per faculty liaison-high school instructor relationships for each course each semester. Pricing will increase by $250/course and relationship until Fall 2021, when it will reach $3,000.

Faculty Liaison and High School Instructor Educator Guide - rev. 10/14/2020


Forms for High School Administrators

  • Intent to Offer FY22: WordPDF
    Please note the addition of eSignature information required.

Information for Participating Concurrent Enrollment High School Instructors

  • High School Instructor Application: Word PDF
  • Responsibilities: Word PDF
  • High School Instructor Agreement: Word PDF